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Melee Combat
Certain weapons (or the arms of a troll) are longer and allow an attacker to hit a target from a greater distance, giving him a slight edge in melee combat. Weapons with this feature have a Reach rating between 1 and 4. When one melee fighter has a reach advantage over his opponent, compare the Reach of the two opponents and calculate the difference; this difference in Reach is applied as a modifier to the defender’s dice pool, whether positive (defender has longer Reach) or negative (attacker has longer Reach). Reach does not make you better at hitting someone but it definitely makes it harder, or easier, to defend. Trolls have a natural Reach of 1 that is cumulative with weapon Reach.

Situation Dice Pool
Attacker making charing attack +2
Attacker prone -1
Attacker making a Called Shot -4
Character attacking multiple targets Split dice pool
Character has superior position +2
Character using off-hand weapon -2
Attacker wounded -wound level
Defender receiving a charge +1
Enviromental modifiers Use the Light
and Visibility chart
for Ranged Combat
Attacker has friends in melee +1 or Teamwork
Opponent prone +1
Touch-only attack +2