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Two Simple Actions + One Free Action
One Complex Action + One Free Action
Free Actions Simple Actions Complex Actions
Call a Shot
Change Linked Device Mode
Drop Object
Drop Prone
Eject Smartgun Clip
Multiple Attacks
Speak/Text/Transmit Phrase
Activate Focus
Call Spirit
Change Device Mode
Change Gun Mode
Command Spirit
Dismiss Spirit
Fire Bow
Fire Semi-Auto
Fire Single-Shot
Fire Burst Fire (3 Bullets)
Fire Full-Auto (6 Bullets)
Insert Clip
Observe in Detail
Pick Up Object
Put Down Object
Quick Draw
Ready Weapon
Reckless Spellcasting
Remove Clip
Shift Perception
Stand Up
Take Aim
Take Cover
Throw Weapon
Use Simple Device
Astral Projection
Banish Spirit
Cast Spell
Fire Full-Auto (10 Bullets)
Fire Long Burst
Fire Semi-Auto Burst
Fire Mounted/Vehicle Weapon
Load and Fire Bow
Matrix Actions
Melee Attack
Reload Firearm
Rigger Jump In
Use Skill
Interrupt Actions Init Cost
Block -5
Dodge -5
Hit the Dirt -5
Intercept -5
Parry -5
Full Defense -10